Parallelism in business writing

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Two Types of Mode Into this relatively simple picture, Spinoza introduces a complication. Using the Message Passing Model as an example, one MPI implementation may be faster on a given hardware platform than another. My face is washed, parallelism in business writing hair is combed, and my teeth are brushed.

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By attribute I understand what the intellect perceives of a substance, as constituting its essence. Since this goes for all imaginative ideas, the problem with them all is the same: Only a few are mentioned here.

It is only insofar as individuals live under the sway of the passions that they come into conflict with one another and are in need of political authority.

Memorability — Because parallelism boosts all of the above qualities, the result is often more memorable and more quotable lines in your speech. Clarity — By organizing into parallel structures, you make it easier for your audience to understand. By mode I understand the affections of a substance, or that which is in another through which it is also conceived.

Do key sentences begin each paragraph? Parallelism is the successive use of identical grammatical patterns of words, phrases, or sentences. Use parallel structure for lists of words or phrases.

Confusion, however, is just one aspect of the inadequacy of imaginative ideas. It can thus form adequate ideas of the passions, which are themselves inadequate ideas.

The Affects Spinoza begins his account of the affects with those that result from the action of external causes upon the mind. Spinoza expresses this by saying that each mode has an innate striving conatus to persevere in being.

The demonstration of this proposition is exceedingly simple. Since adequate ideas present things as necessary rather than as contingent, the acquisition of such ideas thereby lessens their effect upon the mind. Spinoza's answer is an unambiguous no. Discussed previously in the Communications section.

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But, since there cannot be two or more substances with a common attribute by IP5there can be no substance other than God. Synchronous communications are often referred to as blocking communications since other work must wait until the communications have completed.

How to Use Parallelism in Your Speeches 1. Rejection of Free-Will In working out this new perspective, the first thing on Spinoza's agenda is to clear away what he sees as the most pervasive confusion that we as humans have about ourselves. God, or a substance consisting of infinite attributes, each of which expresses eternal and infinite essence, necessarily exists.

In Nature there cannot be two or more substances of the same nature or attribute. Contrast What is Parallelism? Multiple-instruction-multiple-data MIMD programs are by far the most common type of parallel programs. Only a few are mentioned here. Which implementation for a given model should be used?

The value of Y is dependent on: In Spinoza's case, this is exemplified by the claim that there is one and only one substance. Cornell University Press, These tools will avoid the repetition of the company names and categories throughout the text.The need for clarity.

The most obvious reason for writing clear specifications is to ensure that you will inform the contractors' engineers well enough that they can actually produce the product you need.

Intel Threading Building Blocks: Outfitting C++ for Multi-core Processor Parallelism - Kindle edition by James Reinders. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets.

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Parallel computing is a type of computation in which many calculations or the execution of processes are carried out simultaneously. Large problems can often be divided into smaller ones, which can then be solved at the same time. There are several different forms of parallel computing: bit-level, instruction-level, data, and task parallelism.

This is the first tutorial in the "Livermore Computing Getting Started" workshop. It is intended to provide only a very quick overview of the extensive and broad topic of Parallel Computing, as a lead-in for the tutorials that follow it.

Parallelism in business writing
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